About us

SW International the concept

The idea behind the X-Clip System is to develop a concept that is functional, practical, and at the same time beautiful. The starting point was to lay an outdoor floor in the same simple way as laying click-laminate, without the use of screws. In addition to convenience, the X-CLIP SYSTEM also saves a lot of time.

The development of the X-Clip System has been a careful process with the assistance of a Dutch engineering partner. After development and engineering, extensive testing was also conducted, and the market introduction became a reality, with applications ranging from terraces, carports, fences, to facades. Naturally, all with the same benefits of easy and fast installation and an aesthetic end result.

Hans Seelen

Hans has over 30 years of experience in international business, the last 20 years focused on garden-related products. Throughout his career, Hans has been regularly involved in the introduction of new concepts and products, a process he finds interesting and where he can channel his creativity and interest in technology. Hans began his career in Toulouse at Menuiseries Lapeyre, where his passion for wood was born. After gaining experience at leading companies in the industry, such as Fetim, Dekker Hout, and Accoya, Hans took the step to start his own business, aiming to maximize his creativity and commercial skills.

Bart Wiegant

Bart's interest in commerce and dealing with people led him to enter into practice after completing his first year of law school. Soon, an international aspect came into play, and he worked for over 5 years as an International Sales Manager at a large English publicly listed company, producing a wide range of garden tools. Bart then transitioned to Dekker Hout, where he became responsible for the Export department. His passion for wood arose here and has remained since. Bart has made a few detours into other industries, but he has always maintained his interest in the sector and wood in general.


X-Clip prefers the use of hardwood species that are FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council). This organization works globally to conserve forests, endangered species, and vulnerable ecosystems. Wood from FSC-certified forests is harvested and traded according to strict standards, contributing to sustainability and responsible forest management.

Made in Holland

At X-Clip, the “Made in Holland” principle is highly valued. Our products are fully developed by X-Clip in the Netherlands and are also produced in our own manufacturing facility in the Netherlands. X-Clip as an organization aims for sustainable relationships with both suppliers and customers. Our X-Clip profile is produced from 100% recycled aluminium from Southern Europe, in this case, “Made in Europe,” but we still prioritize staying close to home. Aluminium also has the advantage of being recyclable after use.

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