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X-Clip System

X-Clip System is a truly blind fastening system, a perfect solution for creating attractive and durable facades, fences, tiny houses, carports, terraces, and other applications where aesthetics, technology, and efficiency are crucial. The unique shape of the X-Clip ensures that the wooden parts are securely fastened in all directions, both horizontally and vertically. X-Clip System; easy installation without drilling and the use of screws.

The X-Clip profiles including pre-assembled X-Clips are easy to handle and simple to install, resulting in significant time savings without compromising on quality. It also provides an optimal aesthetic result without visible screws, and the distance between the individual wooden parts is always equal.

With this unique blind fastening method the wood will not be damaged and also there is no wood-on-wood contact, which benefits the lifespan of your project. The X-Clip System offers a technical, aesthetic, and sustainable solution for any project and is a 100% Dutch product.

X-Clip POM

POM is a high-quality plastic material with the right mechanical properties, resistant to both extremely high and low temperatures. At the same time, the X-Clip effortlessly accommodates any wood movement, provided it is a wood specie selected by X-Clip in collaboration with its partners. With X-Clip sufficient ventilation is ensured and there is no “wood-on-wood contact” thus preventing moisture buildup and consequent mold formation, resulting in a longer lifespan for your terrace, fence, carport or garden house.

X-Clip VS

The X-Clip VS is made of stainless spring steel, precision-engineered and manufactured. X-Clip VS combines strength, aesthetics and fire safety in one solution. The unique feature of X-Clip VS is its fire-retardant properties, tests have unequivocally proven this, making X-Clip VS an exclusive and unique solution. Our X-Clip VS is especially designed for facade applications, where durability and aesthetics go hand in hand with safety.

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X-Clip Profiles

The X-Clip profiles are extruded from recycled aluminium, coming from a European factory that runs 100% on solar energy and operating according to European quality standards and guidelines. The X-Clip profiles are powder-coated black, making them invisible when applied to the facade or terrace. The X-Clip profile comes with pre-assembled X-Clips, ensuring that the distance between the wooden parts is always equal, whether it’s a facade, terrace fence, or other application, for both open and closed constructions.

Custom X-Clip Profiles

The X-Clip profiles are supplied in standard lengths depending on the dimensions of the wood to be used. With our own production facilities, we are flexible and have a short response time to specific market demands.
Customization is very much possible for projects both large and small. Contact us for all the possibilities, and we will be happy to assist.