Afzelia, originating from Central Africa, has a beautiful dark yellow to reddish-brown color with a durability class I. Thanks to Afzelia’s excellent properties in terms of durability, stability, and appearance, it is suitable for both facade and terrace applications.


Afrormosia is a wood species originating from West Africa and has a beautiful yellowish-brown color, somewhat similar in appearance to teak. It is a very stable wood species, particularly suitable for both terrace construction and facade cladding.


Padouk comes from Africa and is purplish-red to deep red in color. Padouk slowly changes to a beautiful homogeneous silver-gray hue. With durability class I, Padouk is versatile for many different applications, from terrace construction to facade cladding. The wood grains of Padouk are very fine, with a regular structure, combined with beautiful glossy streaks.


Ipé is one of the hardest, strongest, most stable, and most durable wood species from South America. It is a heavy and wear-resistant wood of very high quality. Ipé exhibits excellent resistance to fungi, combined with very good technical properties and a durability class I. Ipé is particularly suitable for outdoor applications, both for terraces […]

Thermo Radiata Pine

Radiata Pine originates from Australia and New Zealand. Its natural color ranges from light brown to pinkish-brown, with a distinctive grain. Over time, Radiata Pine turns into a uniform grayish tone. Radiata Pine is easy to work with, both by hand and machine, making it highly suitable for facade cladding. It is an environmentally responsible […]

Thermo Movingui

Movingui, originating from West Africa, is known for its yellow to golden-brown hues. Its sleek appearance and mechanical properties make Movingui particularly suitable for both terrace and facade applications, seamlessly combining durability and aesthetics. This makes Movingui an ideal choice for both sustainable construction projects and aesthetically high-quality constructions.

Thermo Ash

Ash, originating from Western Europe, distinguishes itself with its beautiful flame patterns, creating a strong decorative effect. Thermo Ash naturally exhibits a brown-golden to deep brown color. Besides its aesthetic value, Thermo Ash also offers benefits such as good insulating properties and minimal tendency to shrink and expand. Thermo Ash is suitable for projects involving […]

Thermo Poplar

Poplar comes from Europe and often has a brown to gray-green discoloration with a black vein pattern in the middle. The type of wood has a fine grain and elegant hue, which makes for a calm-looking material. Thermo poplar is made from a fast-growing type of wood, which reduces deforestation and is therefore an ecologically […]


Accoya is modified Radiata Pine. The uniqueness of Accoya lies in the acetylation process to which the wood is subjected. The result of this process is a wood species with improved properties, including dimensional stability and durability. The entire process changes the structure of the wood, making it less susceptible to fungal and insect attacks […]


Kebony is a modified wood species. The basic principle of the Kebony process is to transform fast-growing softwood into a wood species with enhanced durability and stability. The wood species used for the Kebony process are Radiata Pine and pine. Kebony undergoes a process called furfurylation, in which the wood reacts with a biodegradable liquid […]